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The Small Fish Podcast

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Headteachers tell Year 6 leavers that they have become ‘big fish in a small pond, but from 




on will become small fish in a big pond.’

The Small Fish Podcast is a unique digital discipleship resource filled with ideas to help parents and children’s workers talk to children about the transition from primary to secondary school. With 14 episodes based upon the questions children ask, enjoy 5 minutes of


 practical tips, pupil voices and Biblical wisdom. Listen with your group or as a family tuning in over breakfast, the car journey to school or last thing at night. This reassuring podcast will help tweenagers through the transition of becoming small fish in a big pond. 

The Small Fish Podcast (link)

The Episodes

  • Episode 1: How do I get there?
  • Episode 2: What if I get lost?
  • Episode 3: Will I cope with homework?
  • Episode 4: Will I like the teachers?
  • Episode 5: How do I make friends?
  • Episode 6: What will my uniform look like?
  • Episode 7: What equipment do I need?
  • Episode 8: What are the rules?
  • Episode 9: How will I stay organised?
  • Episode 10: Will PE be OK?
  • Episode 11: Why should I join a club?
  • Episode 12: Is it worse being the youngest?
  • Episode 13: Are school dinners good?
  • Episode 14: How do I thrive?

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