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My name is Miss Disley and I will be the Breakfast and After School Club Manager from September. I have spent the last two years working at Bleak Hill School and this past year I have been the After School Club Leader. Additionally, throughout the week, Miss Aspinall-Wood, Mr Cotterill, Mrs Sephton, Miss Kaminski, Mrs Ratcliffe, Miss Thow, and Miss Ashcroft will be working in club.

Our team's goal at Breakfast and After School Club is to give every child a calm, caring, positive, and stimulating environment.

We have lots of games and toys, as well as a quiet area where children may read or socialise with friends. In addition to our regular outdoor games and activities, September will bring some new activities including, bingo, dancing, and themed crafts and events.

We want children to participate in decision-making at club and aim to create an engaging and fun environment, so I look forward to some future consultations with yourselves and your children.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to me, please do not hesitate to come and see me, or email us and I will get back to you.


Miss Disley


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