Design and Technology

My name is Miss Dunne and I am the subject coordinator for DT. Below is a poem explaining why DT is such an inspiring subject.

DT, what fun it can be!

We get to design, make and evaluate.

Our skills are put to the test,

But we always try our best.

We learn so much along the way,

We may even dream of becoming designers one day!

So, if you enjoy DT like me,

You will love your Bleak Hill journey.


Please take a look at out vision, intent, implementation & impact. You will also find documents relating to our curriculum below! 

Vision Vision.png Intent Intent.png Implementation Implementation.jpg Impact Impact.png
Design & Technology is an inspiring, practical, creative subject. At Bleak Hill, we wish to deepen children’s understanding of the technological and mechanical world in which we live in and excite children on how products and ideas have been developed over time to react to the ever-changing world.  

At Bleak Hill, we understand that D&T allows pupils to solve problems, think creatively and develop ideas. Our curriculum offers children a chance to use creative thinking and activity within a defined purpose and tangible outcome.  Bleak Hill is committed to nurturing children’s curiosity and creativity, as well as preparing them for living in a modern world where technology is rapidly changing and advancing.

In D&T, we aim to help pupils to

  • Develop their design and making skills
  • Work individually and collaborate with other pupils in a variety of contexts
  • Evaluate products, made by themselves, their peer groups and companies.
  • Learn the principles of nutrition, healthy eating and how to cook. 

Following the National Curriculum as a basis, teaching all statutory content, with a half term dedicated to D&T teaching every term (3 half terms per year group).

Topics build systematically on previous topics which contain over-arching transferable concepts. 

Skills to apply previous knowledge to new learning (across topics and year groups).

Specialised D&T days are planned to allow for enterprise opportunities.

Key historical figures considered as wider curriculum links each term including famous creators per year group.

Retrieval based learning techniques for every lesson in the sequence.

Evaluations for each lesson to provide formative assessment

Exit tasks to gain a summative judgment.

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