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Hello, my name is Mrs Williams, I am the Music Coordinator and one of the Year 2 teachers at Bleak Hill Primary School. I am passionate about music and wish to motivate and inspire others to share in this love of music. I play a musical instrument as one of my hobbies as I find that this a wonderful way to relax and appreciate various pieces of music. Learning to play an instrument is a great skill, it encourages creativity, allows you to explore different sounds and rhythms whilst playing your favourite songs and it can also allow you to compose your own pieces of music so that you can perform to others for them to enjoy.  Music can play a key role in everything that we do, it can influence how we feel, improve self-esteem and is of great importance for our own personal development. At Bleak Hill, it is our aim to help all of our pupils to have a greater appreciation of the world around them and to help them understand different cultures and societies through the help of music. 

Please take a look at out vision, intent, implementation & impact. You will also find documents relating to our curriculum below.

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At Bleak Hill, we wish for all children to gain a great appreciation for a range of musical genres from different points in time and different places in the world.


Children will be able to explore the use of musical instruments and will gain an appreciation of how different instruments can change music. 

Bleak Hill Primary School understands that music can inspire and motivate children and play an important role in their personal development. Music can also help children develop a greater appreciation of the world we live in, by understanding different cultures and societies through music.

Bleak Hill Primary School delivers a broad and balanced music curriculum using ‘Charanga’ and music specialists, in line with national requirements, :

Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.

Learn to sing and use their voices.

Create and compose music on their own and alongside their peers.

Have the opportunities to learn a musical instrument, use technology properly and to progress to the next level of musical excellence.

Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including through the inter-related dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations.

Children are formatively assessed within the lesson to inform the planning, delivery and organisation of the next lesson, in terms of further opportunities to practise a new skill or to challenge competent learners.


Final assessment judgements are made by the teacher/music specialist based on the child’s singing/performing, listening & appraising.

20.03.24 - Rock Steady Performance

Today we held our second Rock Steady concert of the year, our five fabulous rock bands performed to an audience of KS1 pupils and parents. Joe from Rock Steady led The Rocking Rhinos, The Rocking Lions, The Kitty Katz, The School of Rock and The Mammals as they performed their songs with confidence and enthusiasm. Not only did the children play their instruments and sing but they also introduced each of their performances to the audience.  It was evident to see how the children's confidence has grown since their last performance. What an amazing time was had by all!

Due to the popularity of our Rock Steady bands, this term we have introduced an additional day of lessons to accommodate more pupils. Rock Steady sessions are now held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons each week.

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06.02.24 - Young Voices Concert 


Our Year 5 and Year 6 choir, led by Mrs Burrows our music specialist, have met every Tuesday in our school hall during the Autumn and Spring term. After many weeks of preparation, they attended one of the largest school choirs in the world, with approx. 8,000 children taking part at any one time. This year we attended on Tuesday 6th February at the AO Manchester Arena.  What a fun-filled day and evening it was! The children spent the afternoon rehearsing with a live band, professional singers, dancers and their very own conductor. Then later that evening, the doors opened to welcome friends and family from afar, where they put on a spectacular performance.  Special guests on the evening included soul singer Natalie Williams, young drummer Nandi Bushell, street dancers Urban Strides with Andy Instone and MC Grammar!


Natalie Williams


Nandi Bushell.jpgNandi Bushell

The children of Bleak Hill sang their hearts out and danced all night! Their behaviour was impeccable throughout and everyone had an amazing time!





Click on the links below which will take you straight to the official Young Voices website and will provide you with a wealth of information about their concerts:

Young Voices - The largest School Choir in the World                           Young Voices - For Parents

mc grammar songs young voices - Search Videos (

17.01.24 - Rock Steady Concert

Today we put on our first ever Rock Steady concert. Congratulations to all the musicians involved, you performed with confidence! What a great way to celebrate your hard work and effort during the last few months. The audience loved it!

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19.12.23 - Annual Talent Show

Today we put on our annual performance of the Bleak Hill Talent Show, this spectacular show allows our pupils to showcase their amazing talents! We were treated to singing, instrumental performances, jokes, gymnasitcs and much, much, more!  Well done to all our acts who took part today.



18.12.23 - Year 5 and 6 Choir

Our Year 5 and 6 Choir had a very busy diary over the Christmas period, directed by Mrs Burrows they attended Eccleston Court, Ruskin Lodge, Henbury Court and Willowbrook Hospice. They performed their festive repertoire to the residents, to spread joy and happiness for the fesitive period. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas!


07.12.24 - Altru Panto of Pinocchio

We always love a visit from Altru Drama, and on this occasion it was to put on a live performance of Pinocchio. The children were captivated and loved being part of the audience as they joined in with the singing, cheering and booing!


01.12.23 - Tree Lighting

After many weeks of singing practise, under the guidance of Mrs Burrows, our choir led the whole school in festive carols at our Tree Lighting Service. The weather was very kind to us which allowed us all to gather around the tree, along with all our parents, carers, friends, wider family members, governors and staff, as we awaited the switching on of the tree lights. Even Father Christmas was able to drop in and visit us during his busiest time of year! It never fails to cause great excitement and it gets us all in the festive spirit and prepares us for the run up to Christmas. What a wonderful afternoon!



14.11.23 - Sean Perkins Author Visit

As part of our Art Week celebrations, we welcomed Sean Perkins, an author and songwriter, to our school. He began the day by reading us a story about Oscar and Ben and the Birthday Party. The children listened attentively and met the characters from the story. 


Throughout the day, Sean led workshops for each year group. EYFS and KS1 took part in a songwriting and poetry session. What would you put inside a silly pie? The children used rhyming, melody and silly lyrics to help them compose a silly song about a silly pie.

Silly Pie 2.PNGIMG_4658.JPGIMG_4666.JPGIMG_4677.JPG

KS2 took part in developing a story, they learnt how to plan, write and act out their own play script.

Story Workshop.PNG

For more information about the author Sean Perkins and his stories, please click the link below.

Gallery | seanperkinsauthor

21.09.23 - Rock Steady Assembly

Today we welcomed Rock Steady Music School to Bleak Hill. They attended our assembly to tell us all about the service they provide and how the pupils at Bleak Hill can get involved in playing in a band. The children were given a taste of what to expect in the sessions and introduced to some of the instruments that they will have the opportunity to play. 



Please see the files section below for further information on the Rock Steady workshops. You can also click the following link to take you to the Rock Steady website.

Information for Parents | Rocksteady Music School


At Bleak Hill Primary School, we would like to give every child an opportunity to learn an instrument. Initially, our pupils will experience the mechanics of how instruments create sound, explore simple class instruments, such as simple hand or tuned percussion and then explore further instruments, through Whole-Class Ensemble Tuition. Have a look at the range of instruments Mrs Burrows will be exploring with the children.

Year Group


Musical Instrument


All Year

Simple handheld percussion


Summer A



Spring B



Autumn A



Autumn B



Autumn A



Spring A


Glockenspiels throughout the year in KS2


Follow the link below to discover what is on offer from the St Helens Schools Music Service.

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