STEM Day at Rainford High School

In Year 5 we had a trip to Rainford High School for a day in May. While we were there we did a lesson on Science, Maths and Design and Technology. In Science we did a discovery topic on dinosaurs. There was an egg that was found and the objective was to find out what species of dinosaur it was. At the end, we met a small dinosaur that had hatched from the egg. It was rather nice and it made small sounds. At the very end of the lesson we were given a souveneir dinosaur foot print. The lesson was amazing and we all enjoyed it greatly!

Next, we had Maths which was very fun. It was a detective investigation and we had to do multiple tasks including suduko and multiplication which was to find out who had committed the crime. Joy Rider was the culpret of stealing the stamper which was a very serious crime in school and Joy Rider will be going for a detention. We thought it was a very exciting way to do Maths and it made us very intrested and happy which subsequently, makes us extatic for High School Maths. We enjoy maths and glad we found the culprit of the school crime.

In Design and Technology, the class got split into half. Half of us went to computer technology and the other half went to textiles. In Computer Technology, we made name key chains. We designed them on computers then they were printed on wood and fed through with a keychain. We got to take them home . Everyone enjoyed it and it was an overall good lesson. In textiles, we sewed jellyfish and made a worksheet. The jellyfish looked very effective and it was a great lesson. 

We had an amazing day and it was well executed by the staff! 


Written by Year 5

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