Hello, my name is Mrs Ashton, and I am the Science Coordinator at Bleak Hill Primary School. We deliver a bespoke dynamic curriculum with objectives taken from the National Curriculum and Development Matters in EYFS. Our science journey starts in EYFS as part of their understanding of the world and we aim to deepen children’s understanding of the world we live in and everything around us. Science is a knowledge led curriculum and teachers at Bleak Hill ensure key knowledge and key vocabulary is taught sequentially from EYFS to Year 6! 

Please take a look at out vision, intent, implementation & impact. You will also find documents relating to our curriculum below! 

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At Bleak Hill, we aim to deepen children’s understanding of the world in which we live and everything around them. Through our Science curriculum, we hope that this will produce curious, excited and motivated life-long learners, who will be able to understand how science can be used to explain, predict and analyse in line with the National Curriculum (2014) (for more detail, please see our subject specific policy). 

We believe that science education ‘provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.’ Science changes our lives and is vital to the world’s future. As a result of this, all pupils will be taught essential aspects of the subject in terms of knowledge, understanding, methods, processes and the ability to apply each of these to the real world. Through building up knowledge and by developing a range of progressive skills, children at Bleak Hill will be challenged to explore scientific theories through practical activities.

Following the National Curriculum as a basis, with statutory content, with a minimum of 1 and a half hours discrete science teaching a week throughout school. Independent learning is encouraged, misconceptions are addressed and discussed as key teaching points. Scientific enquiry is promoted at the core of the subject and referred to every lesson building on skills progression across year groups.Topics build systematically on previous topics which contain over-arching transferable concepts. Our science curriculum builds our children’s science capital and allows them to experience science in the real world. 

Retrieval based learning techniques for every lesson in the sequence.

Evaluations for each lesson to provide formative assessment

Exit tasks to gain a summative judgment (alongside teaching assessment of scientific enquiry skills).


We teach the strands of science as discrete topics but we make references to science being an interdisciplinary subject. 



Knowledge Organisers

We have created bespoke Knowledge Organisers to match with our Bleak Hill curriculum. The children refer back to these within lessons to embed knowledge and can use them to support and enhance their understanding within lessons.

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