The Angel Starfish Project

The Angel Starfish Project is a charity that was set up in order to help a community in South Africa to upgrade their school. We had an assembly that told us all about the wonderful children and teachers that are doing their best to provide an education, even though they do not have the same resources that we have at Bleak Hill. We think that they deserve a school and community to grow up in; they deserve what we have. When we heard about the one boy who had a banana for his snack and that nobody else had anything to eat until they went home, that alone was upsetting to hear!  So we needed to do something about it!  We as a community decided to help by giving in our clothes that don't fit us or are not needed. From our donations, a little shed got fully transformed into a school community. In the future, we hopefully want to raise a lot more money to help other people with less money to go to school and we are really looking forward to writing to our new pen pals. We want to say thank you to all the teachers that are resonsible and are helping the Angel Starfish project!


By Kaitlyn and Jessica 


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