Rule of Law Day

Rule of Law means that all people and groups are ruled by the same laws which help to keep us safe and happy. 

Examples of these in our school include rules in school and on the playground. We often learn about new games or sports and in order for these to be fair and to keep us safe, we have to play by the rules. 


In Britain we have a legal system, which enforce two types of law (Civil Law and Criminal Law). There are many reasons for having this: 

To prevent anti-social and unaccpetable behaviour. 

To regulate commercial and business transactions. 

To identify who should rightfully own property.

To regulate family and personal relationships. 

To provide means for citizens to resolve disputes with other citzens. 


Have a look at some of the activities we got up to during our Rule of Law day, which included a Q&A session with Councillor Baines! 

rule of law 2.jpgrule of law 3.jpg  rule of law 5.jpg

 rule of law 6.jpg rule of law 7.jpg rule of law 8.jpg

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