Our School Council

Our School Council

The role of School Council Respresentatives are ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge and require dedication and commitment for an entire year. The children take part in active citizenship, whereby they lead a series of charitable events throughout the school. School Council Representatives are elected by the children in their class after giving a speech about what they can offer the school. All children in years 3-6 vote for their class School Council Representative.


Attend School Learning Council meetings each half term.

Discuss ideas to improve our school with other School Learning Council reps.

Discuss issues with the rest of my class and report back on their thoughts and ideas.

Represent the school. 



Confident to communicate my ideas.
A good listener.
Well organised.
Well behaved. 


Current Projects 


Donate December 

Thank you to everyone who donated and 'Popped a TIN in the BIN'. The Trussell Trust and Teardrops will be able to ensure many families benefit from your generous donations!


Equality and Diversity 

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Past Projects

London 2024

We were lucky enough to visit London in January. We travelled by train and were able to see some of the top sightseeing spots! We visited the Houses of Parliment and watched a real debate happening! This was an amazing opportunity for our young leaders and memories made will last a lifetime!

World Mental Health Day 2024.

Every year, thousands of schools, companies and communities come together to make World Mental Health Day that little bit brighter by wearing something yellow and donating to YoungMinds. With this, Bleak Hill asked the children to wear something yellow, brightening up our school community and ignighting discussions relating to our mental health. School council representatives decorated yellow biscuits and offered these to the children and families of Bleak Hill. Through donations, we raised an amazing £259.00! This was donated to YoungMinds. #HelloYellow


St Andrew's Church and Christian Aid 

We have teamed up with St Andrew's Church to support Christian Aid and 'RISE TO THE MOMENT'. 

Prior to the UN climate summit in November, Christian Aid have set up a campaign, which will involve children making origami boats. Christian Aid is joining with YCCN for an exciting relay across the UK to raise the message of climate justice ahead of COP26. The relay kicked off in Cornwall after the G7 Summit in June and will make its way across the UK until it reaches Glasgow, the host city of COP26, in November. The prayer boat is the start of several ways we can rise to the moment and call for climate justice ahead of COP26.

Making our origami boats, writing a prayer and a promise on how we will support the change needed. 


Bleak Hill have created Prayer boats to support Christian Aid, here are some other ideas from the World Wildlife Foundation!


Rotary Club - Keep St Helens Warm

Have a look at the video below, where our School Councillors explain why we will be helping the Rotary Club by collecting coats!

Rotary club.jpg

Some of our previous events: 

The School Councillors met up to visit St.Andrews church to deliver the collected plastic bottle tops. The support has been overhwelming. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to collect bottle tops. The church has special container showing exactly how much they have inside it.The Councillors also got the opportunity to discuss an upcoming art project linked with the church. 


   bottle tops st andrews.jpg  st andrews.jpg reduce reuse recycle.png

The School Councillors got an exclusive first look at the plans for the proposed extension of Bleak Hill and offered their thoughts! The new EYFS provision and hall extension looked great!


10th December

How angel are you? 

A message from your School Council:

Today we walked to St Andrew's Church to take part in the 'How Angel are you?' experience.

The first station asked "Do you think that you have ever seen angel?" and "What do you think an angel looks like?".
The second station showed a scene where Mary had been visited by the Angel Gabriel, and we were asked how we would feel if we were visited by an angel? The third station asked us to imagine how it would feel if the sky above us was filled with angels. The next station took us to Bethlehem where we invited to place a candle onto a pray tree and quietly reflect. Then we moved on to look at when the angel appeared to Joseph to inform him that they needed to escape to Egypt. Suitcases represented travellers and we were asked to think about why people may travel from their homes. After this, we jumped forward in time to the story of when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane before his death and he was comforted by an angel. Following this, we looked at Lego models of the journey that we had been on. Penultimately we went outside to find outside to find our angel wings. Finally, we met a shepherd who showed us how to to light a fire for protection, warmth, light and cooking. As we shared a warm drink and biscuit with him, he explained to us how the angels chose to visit ordinary people before others who were thought to be more important.

Overall we had a great experience and would like to thank the church for inviting us.

As a school council we challenge you to think about how you can be more angel and show compassion and kindness over the festive period. We would also like anyone to share any photos/writing/drawings etc about being angels to this post.

Thank you.
The School Council

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