Junior Road Safety Officers

As Junior Road Safety Officers, our aim is to make everyone at Bleak Hill Primary School safer; this isn’t just pupils walking to school but all pedestrians and road users.  We also encourage sustainable travel to and from school and hope to increase understanding that walking is not only good for the environment but also good for you, by making you happier and healthier.



We have a team of Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) that are very eager to help the adults in school with keeping children safe on school ground and the roads around our school.

This year the team is being run by our Y6s from last year who organised a poster competition to promote safety around our school. These posters have now been weatherproofed (See the picture) and will be attached to our fence line over the next few weeks.

In 2023 they will be asking 4 children from our current Y5 class to join their team, training them up and running their next initiative. The current team have decided to run a Be Bright Be Seen Campaign in school, where children will be encouraged to wear light reflective clothing items when walking to and from school. Some coats have these strips built in already however in the new year in collaboration with Friends of Bleak Hill our JRSOs will be selling light reflective clothing clips that can be worn by any child on their bags or their coat zips etc. More news on this will follow in the New year but all we can say is save £1 from your Christmas money if you are interested.

Thank you from our Junior Road Safety Officers for being considerate when you park on and around our school grounds. The children of Bleak Hill must be kept safe at all times when in school and our roads and pavements can get busy at sometimes of the day so our JRSOs are really appreciative of all parents who think about this and park safely.


Below are some links to help keep safe.







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