Who Are Ecolibrium?

Every Thursday, John & Sue from Ecolibrium come into school and help our children to grow, learn and enjoy the 'great outdoors'. Ecolibrium is a unique partnership with over 50 years experience….

John McIvor
John is an environmentalist and landscape architect with expertise in the design of natural play and school grounds. He has delivered over 400 sessions to various groups including all aspects of growing, nature, healthy eating and outdoor cooking.

Sue Calverley
Sue divides her time between working as a horticulture therapist at an EBD school and working with John to deliver projects at various schools in the Warrington, St Helens and Halton areas. She has a wide knowledge of plants and horticultural practise alongside a depth of craft skills which work hand in hand with nature.

Together they share a passion for growing, nature, food and seasonal celebrations which they enjoy being in the priveleged position of passing on and sharing with others.

Grow, Learn, Enjoy


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