Our Staff

Our Staff


Mr I Wellens

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Davison

Assistant Headteacher Foundation Stage & KS1

Mrs A Corkill

Assistant Headteacher KS2

Mrs L Hemingway


Mrs C Dawson



Foundation Stage



Mrs J Williams, Teacher


Mrs S Rimmer, Teacher


Miss R Carney, Learning Assistant


Miss J Hill, Learning Assistant


Mrs Jacobson, Learning Assistant


Miss F Kaminski, Additional Support


Key Stage 1

Year 1


Mrs A Hughes, Teacher


Mrs K Griffin, Teacher


Miss B Malone, Teacher


Miss E Moorcroft, Learning Assistant


Mrs S Tinsley, Learning Assistant


Miss J Hunter, Additional Support




Year 2


Mrs K Scott, Teacher


Mrs J McLaughlin, Teacher


Mrs J Downing, Teacher


Mrs J Murphy, Learning Assistant


Mrs L Johnson, Learning Assistant


Mrs H Barton, Learning Assistant


Mrs J Ashcroft, Additional Support


Miss L Cathcart , Additional Support


Miss J Roberts, Additional Support


Mrs S Ratcliffe, Additional Support


Key Stage 2 

Year 3


Mr A Harrison, Teacher


Mrs S Foster, Teacher


Mrs S Houghton, Learning Assistant




Year 4


Miss J Sharples, Teacher


Mrs L McDowell, Teacher


Miss R Heyes, Learning Support




Year 5


Miss S Jones, Teacher


Miss A Kerfoot, Teacher


Mrs C Ashton, Teacher


Mrs K Smith, Learning Assistant




Year 6


Mr R Morley, Teacher


Mrs L Hemingway, Assistant Head KS2


Mrs H Sephton, Learning Assistant


Mrs L Calderbank, Additional Support


Mrs P Bailey, Additional Support




Mrs M Owen, Additional Support


Mrs N Roberts, Additional Support


Miss K Webster, Learning Assistant


Mrs J Gilbert, Learning Assistant


Mrs A Tyrer, Learning Assistant



Ms D Murphy, PE Specialist


Miss D McGifford, PE Assistant

Out of School Clubs

Mrs R Larsen, Out of School Clubs Manager


Mrs H Carter, Out of School Club


Mr P Larsen, Out of School Club

School Office

Mrs J Thow, School Business Manager


Mrs H Virton


Mrs H Prescott


Mrs J Makin

Contact the School

Bleak Hill Primary School

Hamilton Road, Windle, St Helens
Merseyside WA10 6HG

Main Contact: Mr I Wellens

Tel: 01744 678190