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Year 6 Sports Round Up: Over the last term Year 6 have taken part in a huge variety of PE activities including: swimming, dodgeball and athletics. As part of each activity Mr Morley has ran an interhouse competition to determine which house colour is the champion within the different sports. The results below show how each competition panned out.

Santa’s Super Swimming Gala 6M

In the Santa's Super Swimming Gala the children in 6M took part in 4 events. The first event was Rudolph's Nose in which the children had to use their swimming skills to move a red ball up and down the pool. Four children from each team participated and the winners were the Blues. In 2nd place were the Greens. 3rd place Yellows and 4th place Reds.


Next event was Reindeer Riding. The children again had to work in teams of four and get every member of their team on a floating noodle. Then they had to hop four lengths of the pool. The winner of this event was the Reds, with Blues coming a close second and Greens and Yellows coming 3rd and 4th respectively.


Our third event was Loading Santa's Sleigh. Four toys were at one end of the pool with the children in their teams waiting at the other end. Each team member had to take a large float to the other end of the pool and collect one toy at a time. The team that collected all four presents first was the winner. The toys could not fall off the sleigh! Wining this event was the Green House. 2nd was the Yellows and the Reds came 3rd. 4th spot was filled by the Blues.


Going into the final event the Greens were first. The final event was the Grinch's Toy Collect. A whole host of toys were placed in the pool and every team member had to take it in turns to collect a maximum of 4 toys. Each toy was worth different points for example a plastic brick was 50 points but a floating ball was just 3 points. Collecting the toys with the most value was the Reds; with the Blues coming 2nd. 3rd place was Yellows and Green came in 4th.


The final result finished Yellows in 3rd place on 8 Points, Green in 2nd with 10 points but the Super Santa’s Swimming Gala ended with joint Champions. The Blues and Reds both finished on 11 points. It was a great afternoon and the children behaved brilliantly; showing areal sporting attitude. Well Done 6M!

Santa Dash

The whole of Year 6 took part in a long distance race around the school grounds. Each child could earn points for their house but the amount of points depended on where you finished. In 6H, Daniel Hilton finished in first place followed closely by Saul Hockenhull. 3rd place was filled by Lewis Dunn. In 6M Ben Yates topped the pile with Emma Clegg and Finlay Charles finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Each house earned plenty of points. The Yellows earned 360 points and were just beaten by the Reds on 370. The Blues edged the Reds by earning 379 points but the Champions of the Santa Dash for 2017 were the Green with a whopping 459 points. Great work Greens!


Mr Morley has recently discovered a new sport in PE and the children have absolutely loved it. Dodgeball has allowed all children to participate in a game that develops plenty of sporting skills: teamwork, communication, athleticism and strength. The children have taken part in a variety of games but the final competition involved combining the power of two houses together. The Reds and Blues worked together in 6H. They had to try and knock out all of the Yellows and Greens in a game called crossing the river. The children had to make it across the river without been hit by a sponge ball. The game ended in a tie with both teams losing the same amount of players.

In 6M the children played a more traditional game of Dodgeball with the houses again working together to try and best each other. The Greens teamed up with the Blues in game one, with the Reds in game two and the Yellows in Game 3. The other teams then combined together. The team winning the most games was the Blues being on the winning team 3 times out of 3. Well done Blues.

The children are looking forward to playing Dodgeball and Rugby next term.

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