Our Subject Ambassadors


At Bleak Hill, we have identified Subject Ambassadors for all subjects in our curriculum. Our Subject Ambassadors show particular talent, skill or affinity for their subject and as a school, we are keen to nurture and develop this ability. As part of this, we offer additional lessons, opportunities or trips for the Subject Ambassadors; they work alongside the Subject Leadership Team (the specialist teachers for that subject) to develop their subject and enhance it for all pupils and as a result we feel we offer a broad and rich curriculum for all.

Over the coming term, our subject ambassadors will have some projects to be getting on with! 

Subject Ambassadors 21 pictures.jpgSubject Ambassadors 21 pictures 6.jpg

Subject Ambassadors 21 pictures 5.jpgSubject Ambassadors 21 pictures 4.jpg

Subject Ambassadors 21 pictures 3.jpgSubject Ambassadors 21 pictures 2.jpg

As Subject Ambassadors, we are always looking for ways to develop our subject as we are so passionate about it! If you have any great ideas for trips, visitors or resources, please let us know and we'll take it to the Subject Leader! 

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