Outdoor Classroom

At environment day on Saturday 14th October 2017, work started on our very own outdoor classroom in the woodland area - to say it is looking good, is an understatement - It looks amazing!

We also started work on the natural pond too.  Thanks to alot of helpers, we were able to dig deep, lay the pond liner and weight it down.  

Our next task is 'the tree' - watch this space - you won't believe what we're going to do with it!

The school council have been out to survey the area and are very impressed!  As a school, we're very excited about this project and welcome all ideas - the children are so lucky to have this resource on site.

Team Bleak Hill

2nd November 2017

Seems we've had quite a number of visitors to the outdoor classroom over the half term - quite a number of moles!

Hope they're impressed with it as much as we are!

Team Bleak Hill


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19th April 2018

We have seats!  The Nature4Health club very kindly moved some very thick logs into the classroom and placed them around the edge to make some seating areas - it looks great, really great!  Work has also been carried out on building a hedge around the outside of the classroom as well.

We are so proud that we will be able to offer this resource to all year groups.


Team Bleak Hill

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