YR3 - FS - Nature Letters - 14th Oct 19

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Year 3 Year: 2019 - 2020

A mild, dry day can only mean one thing .... head to the woodland area!  Some children from Year 3 did exactly that and what a great time they had.  They spent the afternoon making their names and a selection of letters out of sticks & leaves - the end result was rather impressive!  It was great to see the enthusiasm amongst the group as they went hunting for all of the required materials.

The children also had enough time to make some 'silhouette paper plates'. They worked as a team to cut a variety of images into the plates - this enabled everybody to notice the different patterns, textures and colours around them as they meandered through the woodland. So simple. So effective.

Thumbs up to another fantastic day in the woodland!

Team Bleak Hill

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