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Venus Flytrap

Today Ethan enjoyed sharing with the class his Venus flytrap. He told us how to feed it and we shared the facts his Mummy and Daddy had sent in.

Thank you we really enjoyed watching the plant eat from the tweezers.  


Venus Flytrap Facts

Venus Flytrap facts

The Venus Flytrap plant, unlike most plants, actively seeks insects, not to pollinate, but to feed on! You see, Venus Flytrap plants grow in soils that are poor in nutrients. And Venus Flytraps catch insects and digest them for the nutrients that they cannot get from soil.


More Venus Flytrap Facts:

Want more Venus Flytrap facts? How about these facts?:

Each trap has six trigger hairs, three on each lobe.

It takes two stimulations of one hair to trigger the trap.

It takes approximately 10 days for the Venus Flytrap to completely digest an insect, and reopen its trap.

Venus Flytrap plants grown from seeds are all different and unique. Each seed grown plant is genetically unique.


Growing Venus Flytrap Facts:

Venus Flytrap plants love 14 hours of sunlight each day.

Flytraps go dormant for 4 to 5 months, from Halloween to Valentines day. (Scary to Lovers!)

Venus flytrap plants need well drained soil. No wet feet.



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