3M Remembrance Poems

Date: 9th Nov 2018 @ 4:16pm

This week Year 3 have been remembering those soldiers that fought in the World Wars and those that represent our country in conflict today.

Here are some of the lovely poems that we have written:

Saw you rise up to the sun
Old now in heaven after you won
Low lying on the floor like a beautiful bird
Down in Flanders Field you can't say a word
I remember you with all my love
End of the war you fly like a dove
Rest in peace
By Shay (3M)
Remember me
I love you in my heart
Remember me
Don't let it make you cry
Until this war has finished
Remember me
When you look up at the sky
Remember me
By Henry (3M)
We will remember
The 11th of November
We will thank you
For the sacrifice that you made
For all of us
We will remember 
That you gave your lives
For us
By Isabella (3M)
Remember the soliders who fought
Every day we think of them in our thoughts
More soliders dying
Everyone crying
Memories of you in our thoughts
Because for us you fought
Every one of you is loved in our hearts
Remembrance is a big part.
By Amelia (3M)
Soldiers are brave
Over the Flanders Field
Lest we forget
Died for us
In the World War
Everyone was sad
Remebering all who died
By Max (3M)
We will remember
The soliders who died in the war
Rest in peace all soldiers
We will remember
The 11th November when the war ended
Thank you for saving us
We will remember 
That you died for us
Because we sell paper poppies
To remember you
Lest we forget
By Michael (3M)

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