3C Remembrance Poems

Date: 12th Nov 2018 @ 12:06pm

This week Year 3 have been remembering those soldiers that fought in the World Wars and those that represent our country in conflict today.

Here are some of the lovely poems that we have written:


We will remember you,

On the 11th November.

There was a war,

But we will remember you.


We will remember you,

They were sad because,

Their enemies were bad,

But we will remember you.


We will remember you,

We will remember you,

So please do not worry.

Don’t worry.


By Grace (3C)


We will remember

The 11th of November

The soldiers put in their brave hearts

Whilst missing

In Flanders Fields.


Poppies still grow

And oh! How they blow

They sway and dance in the breeze

They will do as they please

In Flanders Field.


Those men

As brave as knights

This war

Was tragic

In Flanders Fields.

So now in our thoughts

We remember who fought

In Flanders Field.


By Katie (3C)


We should always remember the soldiers

Who died in all of the world wars.

So row on row poppies grow in Flanders Field

Lay the grave stones.

The poppies around the grave stones were as red as blood.


In 1918 this war ended

On the 11th month and the 11th day

And the 11th hour, all in November.

All the soldiers were so brave

They fought and gave their lives for us.


We remember them

And will always be thankful.


By Erin (3C)


Poppies, Poppies, Poppies,

Poppies are made

For the people who died in the war

We respect the people who died.


Row, row and row,

On Flanders Fields

Poppies grow in the tombs

And the burnt grounds

And on the 11th day of November

The soldiers said



By Ruby (3C)



We will remember the soldiers

Who fought and brought peace

Together, together, together



We stand for our soldiers

Who died in the war

Never forget

The soldiers were brave

To save our world.


They risked their lives

For the people who cared

For our world.


A collective poem shared by: Harry, Archie, Elyssa, Ella, Oliver and Phoebe (3C)

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