11th January 2018

2nd week of January and we're back to it in the school garden! This week we explored a variety of seeds: pumpkin, burdock, peas, beetroot, coconut, acorn, conkers, sweetcorn and sunflowers.

We then used some popcorn seeds to make a rather large batch of popcorn and swilled it down with a gulp of fresh coconut milk!

What a fabulous way to spend a wintery afternoon.


Team Bleak Hill

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18th January 2018

It's not every day that you pretend to have a bill like a bird!  We used pliers, chopsticks and spoons to see how difficult / easy it was to pick up a variety of foods: marshmallows, noodles, seeds, jelly laces and rice.  The children had a great time doing this and found it to be a little challenging in places.

We listened to a number of bird calls and had fun guessing which bird we thought was talking to us!  We then turned our hands to making some bird feeders, whilst munching on some dried banana chips and jelly laces!

A great afternoon was had by all!


Team Bleak Hill

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25th January 2018

Another brilliant afternoon in the school gardens for YR5.  This week the children got hands-on with a variety of tasks in order to prepare the gardens for Spring.  

We got our creative hats on and made some bird feeders out of card, peanut putter and seeds - genius!  So simple, yet mega effective for our wildlife & environment.

We topped the day off by sampling some delicious homemade 'Leek & Potato' soup - even better that the leeks came straight out of the garden!


Team Bleak Hill

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1st February 2018

A perfect wintery afternoon - clear blue skies and a rather chilly wind!  Today we tackled a variety of different tasks:

  • Bug hunting with magnifying glasses
  • Decorating plant pots
  • Identifying different types of twigs & leaves

The highlight of the afternoon was making campfire bread and eating it straight from the smoking fire!


Team Bleak Hill

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8th February 2018

One potato, two potato, three potato, four ..... Today was all about potatoes!  We explored the different types of pototoes that are available, completed a short quiz & wordsearch and tackled a couple of winter jobs.

A usual, we ended the afternoon with a delicious snack - toasted potato cakes with a layer of delicious butter!

The children really enjoyed their afternoon - we feel so proud that we are able to offer this incredible outdoor learning resource every week.


Team Bleak Hill

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22nd February 2018

This week YR3 had the opportunity to come outside and plant an apple tree in the school garden.  They did a wonderful job and thoroughly enjoyed rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in!

The big question is: "When will the first apple be ready?" ...... answers on a postcard, please!

Team Bleak Hill

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