Wednesday 7th July

TERM 3B Week 5 

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Good Morning

Please join our call at 9:30 wearing your red, white and blue! Click on the link in your calendar or click on the link below: Teams Call


The Iron Man - Writing a story part 1

It is your turn to write the first part of your story! Remember to use your plan from yesterday and watch the video for a modelled example. 

English Lesson


Measures – Comparing Mass

Watch the video and complete the worksheet comparing different masses. 

Maths Lesson


Football Code Breaker

To prepare for the big match tonight, I have attached a football codebreaker below if you would like to have a go! There are three difficulties, have a go at the one you think will challenge you!


Whole Class Reading

The Dragon of Andor - Vocabulary

Watch the video and use a dictionary to look up the definition of some key words from the text! Whole Class Reading Lesson


Deserts - Human uses

Watch the video and download the worksheets below. Have a go at making a poster all about the different ways humans use deserts! Geography Lesson


Files to Download

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