Virtual Reception Induction

 Transition Time

We are excited to welcome the children to their new classrooms in September. We will be visiting the children in their nursery and childcare settings. During this visit we will be able to meet the children in an environment they feel happy, safe and secure.


Virtual Reception Induction

This year we are going to build on the success of our virtual inductions. There are videos of all of the Reception Teachers introducing themselves and reading some stories on the 'Meet Your Teacher' Tab. The videos are a great opportunity for parents and children to watch together as many times as you like.


Below we have recorded a tour of a current Reception Classroom and what Life in Reception looks like.


Our Aims of Our Virtual Induction

¨ We want new families to feel a warm welcome to Bleak Hill.

¨ We want to give families an opportunity to visualise the school setting and get a glimpse into life at Bleak Hill and the Reception Year.

¨ We want to help children to start to feel familiar with the Reception environment.

¨ Most of all, we want families and children to feel a sense of belonging to the Bleak Hill Family.



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