Academic Year 2018 - 2019

21st March 2019

Spring has offically sprung!  Today was dry, super mild & perfect for getting outside and tackling a wide range of jobs.  We started our session chatting about tadpoles, froglets and frogs - exchanging individual stories & facts along the way.  We then rolled up our sleeves and started work on:

  • planting peas & broadbeans
  • making Mothers Day baskets (for sale next week)
  • potting strawberry plants
  • fixing a couple of raised beds
  • preparing a mixed bean salad
  • watering the window boxes

We finished the day by snacking on a freshly prepared mixed bean salad with a cob of crusty bread - so good!  On our way back to class, we walked through the woodland area and discovered a couple of intruders - 2 ducks swimming on our pond!  Seems they quite like it in our woodland area and have taken quite a liking to the frog spawn, they've actually eaten the lot!

Yet another successful day for our keen gardeners - well done to all!

Team Bleak Hill

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28th March 2019

What a glorious day!  We could not have asked for a better afternoon of sunshine, simplysuperb for getting out & about and tackling a large number of jobs in the garden.

Work continued on the dead hedge surrounding the bird feeding area, and work started on a new dead hedge in the outdoor classroom area.  Both are looking wonderful and will provide ideal places for some of our wildlife to settle into.  

Other jobs included:

  • planting potatoes, carrots and beetroot
  • planting & wrapping the Mothers Day baskets
  • watering the window boxes
  • weeding the flower beds
  • searching for bugs

The highlight of the afternoon was releasing hundreds of tadpoles into the pond!  Such an exciting task, everybody was absolutely delighted!  All we need to do now is, watch this space!

Finally, thanks to all of those who stopped by and purchased a Mothers Day basket!  

Team Bleak Hill

22nd March 2018

Spring has Sprung!

3H enjoyed a super interesting afternoon in the garden this afternoon.  They were able to compliment their current plant topic, by getting up, close and personal with a variety of different plants & vegetables.

The session started with the children working in groups to identify different parts of plants: leaves, roots, stems, flowers and more. The focus then turned towards a huge taste test!  For those of you who may have fussy eaters, here is a snap shot of what everybody tried:

  • celery
  • carrots
  • ginger (fresh and sugared)
  • vegetable crisps
  • sweetcorn
  • peas in a pod
  • pomegranate seeds

It really was a great afternoon of learning & fun!


Team Bleak Hill

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29th March 2018

This week 3F had the opportunity to take part in the same activities as 3H did the week before .  The children thoroughly enjoyed working in small teams and getting hands-on with a variety of plants & vegetables.  The most enjoyable part of the day was the 'taste test' - judging by the reactions to the range of food on offer, it is safe to say that it was a complete success!


Team Bleak Hill

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26th April 2018

A great day to get back into the school garden - sunshine and a slight breeze.  Children from years 5 & 6 did an incredible job of planting up over a 100 pots and watering all of the window boxes around school.  Some children tackled the task of digging up some bushes and replacing them with drills of potatoes - impressive!

The 'lite bite' of the afternoon was a toasted brioche or crumpet fresh from the fire - perfect!  Everybody worked really hard and enjoyed their time getting hands-on with dirt, water, soil and general goodness!


Team Bleak Hill

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3rd May 2018

Another great day in the garden for YR5.  Today the children got to tackle a variety of jobs:

  • watering
  • collecting leaves and indentifying the different types
  • weeding
  • planting lettuces
  • tidying the window boxes

We finished the session by sampling a truly delicious 'Rhubarb cheesecake' - digestive biscuits, smoothered with cream cheese and topped with Rhubarb - soooooo tasty!

It really is fantastic to see how much everybody enjoys their time in the 'great outdoors' - we're delighted that we are able to offer this opportunity to the children.


Team Bleak Hill

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10th May 2018

Glorious sunshine and a slight breeze - the perfect weather for tackling this weeks jobs:

  • planting sweetcorn
  • watering the window boxes
  • weeding inside the polytunnel
  • catching tadpoles
  • exploring the outdoor classroom
  • watering the raised beds
  • sampling rhubarb, oat cakes, bamboo, rice crackers and popcorn!

It is clear to see that the pond and the outdoor classroom are very popular with the children - they are fascinated by the tadpoles and frogs in the pond!

Team Bleak Hill

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17th May 2018

Another glorious afternoon for gardening today - lots of sunshine makes for a super peaceful & productive afternoon.  We started the session by chatting about the different types of bugs we think are present in our woodland area.  We then looked at lots of literature to understand how colourful certain types of moths and butterflies are.

The jobs today included:

  • bug hunting with microscopes
  • watering the window boxes 
  • potting up bulbs
  • weeding
  • tidying around the outside area

Today we snacked on delicious toasted potato cakes straight from the fire!  How lucky are we!


Team Bleak Hill

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