Reception 2022

Reception intake September 2022


Hello! And a warm welcome to our new families and children!


We are really looking forward to welcoming all of our new reception children this year, and we can't wait to get to know you and see how you will blossom and grow during your time at Bleak Hill Primary School! 


This section of our website is especially for you. It will provide you with the information and support on how to make your child's transition to Primary school as smooth as possible as we change and adapt from the current restrictions. 


In the coming weeks we will be uploading messages from our Reception class teachers, posting activities for you and your child to complete at home as well as providing parental information. Please check our website regularly for update and videos.

If you require any more information please email 


New intake meetings

We are looking forward to meeting parents during our new intake meetings. Here, you will meet class teachers, receive key information and see the EYFS department.

RS- Mrs Scott- Monday 11th July 2022 6-7pm

RR- Mrs Rimmer Tuesday 12th July 2022 6-7pm

RH- Miss Heyes 13th July 2022 6-7pm 

 Transition time

Our Reception children will be based in our brand new EYFS facility and we are excited to welcome the children to their new classrooms in September.  We will be visiting the children in their nursery and childcare setting. During this visit we will be able to meet the children in an environment they feel happy, safe and secure. 



Virtual Reception Induction 

This year we are going to build on the success of our virtual inductions. There will be videos of each of the new class teacher introducing themselves and reading some stories. The videos are a great opportunity for parents and children to watch together as many times as you like. Children will begin to get to know their new teachers and see their new school. We will also be a tour of the school and a current reception classroom.


Our aims of our virtual induction

¨ We want new families to feel a warm welcome to Bleak Hill.

¨ We want to give families an opportunity to visualise the school setting and get a glimpse into life at Bleak Hill and the Reception Year.

¨ We want to give families the opportunity to share any worries, concerns, and excitement, and ask questions as they would in a face-to-face induction;

¨ We want some level of two-way communication, not just school giving information;

¨ We want to help children to start to feel familiar with the Reception environment;

¨ Most of all, we want families and children to feel a sense of belonging to the Bleak Hill community.


 Communication Channels.

Our website page!

This will be your main source of information before your child starts school. On the website you will find key information about the school including dates, uniform and induction pack information.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information using




Meet your teacher


Each of our reception teachers will be sharing videos via YouTube which will be posted on this website page. This will allow us to say ‘A big hello’ to the children and families. You will be able to listen to a stories that the teachers will be reading. We have added a poster you can print with a photo of your new teacher, the main enterance and the new EYFS department. We will endeavour to make sure your children has a face they recognise on their first day.  



Induction Packs

You should have all now received your induction packs via email. This will contain the name of your child's teacher and house colour. Also included will be the school prospectus and other key information.  

Below we have added videos, links and information to prepare you and your child for school. We hope you find them hepful and infomative.


September 2022

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Septmeber. Below is the plan for the phased intake. All children will be in full time from Monday 12th Septmeber 2022.


2022 intake timetable.PNG



We can’t wait to see you all  and welcome you to the Bleak Hill community.





Super links.

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