Nature4Health Club

"Use the power of nature to boost your wellbeing"

Our club starts on Thursday 22nd February and will run for 12 weeks until the 14th June.  We are really looking forward to working with some of our families and spending some quality time in the 'great outdoors'.

Team Bleak Hill

22nd February 2018

Today marked the first session at our very own, Nature4Health Club, and what a success it was!  Children and families came together to swap stories, plant tress, make campfire bread and work as a team.

There are 7 families who have committed to attending the club for 12 weeks - we look forward to learning more about nature and getting up close and personal with bugs, birds and everything outdoors!



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1st March 2018

Week 2 and a tad chilly to say the least - I don't think we've ever encountered weather like this in a long time!  Needless to say, it didn't stop our Nature4Health club from going ahead ....

We started our afternoon with a short Q&A session based on different types of animals and what their footprints look like in the snow / mud.  We then painted different footprint stamps (bear, otter, hedgehog, deer, fox) and printed / pressed them into our scrap books.  This was great fun, particularly comparing the size of a grizzly bears footprint with a hedgehogs footprint!

Our next task was to plant some broad beans, sweet peas and mustard seeds.  This was a lovely task to watch our families take part in, as it generated lots of questions:

  • who will look after it? 
  • where will it be located?
  • how long will it take to germinate?
  • how often do I need to water it?

The final part of our afternoon was spent sampling some homemade pea soup - so tasty, especially with a cob of freshly cut tiger bread!



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8th March 2018

Week 3 and our Nature4Health families are as enthusiastic as ever!  We started our session with a couple of biscuits and a drink, before heading outside to chat about the jobs ahead of us:

  • Making a bird box
  • Preparing leek & potato soup
  • Covering the edge of the outdoor pond with soil and grass
  • Planting pots of primulas for Mothers Day gifts
  • Discussing seed potatoes 
  • Having fun!

This week the families worked as one big team to tackle the pond job - helping each other and listening to each others ideas / suggestions.  Great to see everybody coming together and enjoying themselves.

The remainder of the jobs were successfully completed in time to sample the freshly made Leek & Potato Soup!  Such a welcomed snack to end another fantastic Nature4Health session.


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15th March 2018

Week 4 and the Nature4Health team are raring to go!  For once the weather was actually on our side, so without hesitation we pulled our wellies on and headed straight to the polytunnel.

John and Sue started the afternoon with a fantastic group activity - testing our knowledge as to what can / can't go into a compost bin.  This generated alot of discussion and everybody discovered something new.  For example, did you know that the most effective compost bins should be layered?

From here we shared the weekly jobs out and got to work on:

  • Putting bird boxes up
  • Planting tomato seeds
  • Planting onion sets
  • Continuing work on the pond
  • Hammering posts in for the dead hedge within the outdoor classroom 
  • Making blueberry pancakes from scracth!

A couple of children turned their hands to artwork and started to paint - they used some very 'muddy mud' as paint and created faces on a handful of trees within the woodland area.  THEY LOVED IT!  They looked so happy, free and relaxed - exchanging conversations, whilst sharing ideas of what characters to create .... Definitely one for the memory bank!


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22nd March 2018

Week 5 and Spring has Sprung!  There was a very distinctive 'Spring' feeling in the garden today - birds tweeting, calm weather and lovely patches of daffodils beginning to surface throughout the woodland area.

Our Nature4Health team had a wide variety of jobs to choose from today:

  • Making Easter Wreaths
  • Continuing the hedge in the outdoor classroom
  • Cleaning the polytunnel
  • Cutting back some tress
  • Transferring established broad beans into new pots with compost
  • Tidying / clearing the flowers in the tyres dotted around the garden
  • Making snack

Everybody set to work on their tasks and had a wonderful afternoon exchanging stories, enjoying the outdoor life and making memories with their family and new found friends.

The highlight of the afternoon had to be the snack - penne pasta with a homemade wild garlic, pesto, pine nut and parmesan dressing - DELICIOUS!!  It really was amazing!  So good, that people didn't refuse another helping!


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19th April 2018

Week 6 and the Nature4Health team are operating like a small community in the gardens each week.  One of the first things people commented on today was how much they had been looking forward to coming along all day - isn't that just fantastic!

As usual, we had a variety of jobs to choose from and the team tackled them head on.  Alot of work was done at the outdoor classroom - we now have seats!  It looks super impressive.  Further work was carried out in the form of: sowing seeds, watering, cooking and chopping down trees to make a bridge by the pond.

Another great effort from everybody today - well done!


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3rd May 2018

We have a new friend at our fabulous, Nature4Health Club - 'Bob' the frog!  The children got hands-on with another batch of tadpoles and carefully placed them into the pond.

Other jobs included:

  • cutting back some of the plants
  • watering
  • adding more logs, sticks and twigs to the hedge in the outdoor classroom

Everybody now has a tomato plant & a chilli plant to take home - I wonder who will have the most success?  Watch this space, photo evidence will be available in the coming months!

We finished our session with another amazing snack - homemade Rhubarb crumble and custard - delicious!


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10th May 2018

Week 8 of 12 for our budding Nature4Health enthusiasts.  This week our families got to work together on a variety of group activities:

  • replanting shrubs
  • watering the raised beds
  • digging and planting a new flower garden
  • collecting litter from the woodland area
  • exploring the outdoor classroom & pond 

We finished our session with another amazing snack: sweetcorn pancakes with a salsa & yoghurt dip - absolutely delicious!  


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17th May 2018

How can we be on week 9 of 12 already!  This week we started the sesison with a very tasty snack - BBQ'd sweetcorn with lashings of butter, delicious!

We then set to task and worked in teams to:

  • move flower beds from the polytunnel to outside
  • water everything inside & outside
  • transfer pumpkins, courgettes and beans to larger pots
  • build a frame for the broad beans to climb up
  • plant a plum tree in one of the very large tyres
  • litter pick in & around the outdoor classroom area

As always, we had a very relaxed, calm and wonderful session.  It is clear to see that the Nature4Health club is bringing families & friends together, who are enjoying being in the great outdoors!


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24th May 2018

This week we coincided our 'Nature4Health' club with our annual environment afternoon.  As usual, people pulled together and worked really hard to accomplish a variety of jobs:

  • dismantling & rebuilding the bug hotel (Premier Innsect!)
  • building a bridge over the pond
  • adding to the dead hedge
  • building bean tripods and planting out
  • litter picking
  • watering (lots of!)
  • adding woodchip to the paths
  • cleaning the polytunnel
  • upcycling drawers by painting them and planting out
  • and more ..........

A super productive afternoon for all involved.


7th June 2018

Week 12 of 12!  Today marks the last day of our Nature4Health Club - to say we've had a fantastic time is an understatement, we've had an amazing time!

Each week we have worked as a team to transform our school gardens.  We have accomplished a record number of jobs, as well as starting work on several new larger tasks: digging a pond, working on the outdoor classroom, making a bridge, dismantling & relocating the bug hotel and much more.

Families have come together, friendships have been formed and a tremendous amount of fun has been had in the great outdoors!  We can't thank John & Sue enough for making this happen and for the wonderful memories that have been made along the way.

We ended our final session with a truly delicious BBQ - hot dogs to start, followed by some unique fruit/sweet cones and a tasty selection of cupcakes - perfect!



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