Interhouse Competitions

Term 1A

Year 4

After a very competitive Interhouse basketball tournament between the year 4 pupils after 3 games the results were:

Group 1:  1st Blue-16 points 2nd Green -14 points 3rd Yellow -11 points 4th red -7 points

Group 2: 1st green-15 points 2nd yellow- 13 points 3rd red- 11 points 4th blue -9 points

After a great start to the competition with the pupils being allowed to organise themselves into teams and coming up with their own warm up all pupils displayed great team work and organisation skills throughout. A special mention to Ruby and Amelie who was selected as the players of the tournament for all her hard work not just in the tournament but throughout the term. 

Well done to all involved. 

Year 3

Results for the year 3 Interhouse netball were as follows:

3HE 1st Yellow 2nd Red 3rd Green 4th Blue 

3HO 1st Green 2nd Blue 3rd Yellow 4th Red

All teams worked really well together, with good skills on show coupled with nice weather helped make a great tournament. A special mention to Jessica and Libby who demonstrated exceptional skills throughout. 

Well done to all who were involved. 

Year 5 

The 2 year 5 classes Interhouse competitions were split with one class competing in Netball and the other football. After some very close fought contests the results of both tournaments were as follows 

5M- Netball- 1st Blue 2nd Green Joint 3rd Red + Yellow 

5K- Football- 1st Blue 2nd Red 3rd Green 4th Yellow 

Congratulations to the Blue team on their clean sweep and a big well done to everyone who took part. 

Year 6 

Due to the harvest festival the year 6 classes had to change their Interhouse competition from netball to football and even with this last minute change all the children played really well and showed a great level of understanding due to the main focus of the term being on netball. The results were as follows: 

6E- 1st Green joint 2nd + 3rd Red + Yellow 4th Blue 

6F- 1st Blue 2nd Green 3rd Yellow 4th Red

well done to everyone who put 100% effort into the tournament and for the Blue and green house on their wins. 


The 2016 Infant Santa Dash was a huge success. All the children really enjoyed it and they all did really well. The weather was kind to us and the ground wasn't too slippy. All of the crazy Christmas hats were fun and amazing. The sports council did a 'Christmas Cracker' of a job. Some of the jobs involved haring (leading the groups), marshalling (directing the competitors), scoring each colour house, photographers and reporters. At the end of the races there were lots of little smiling faces. We're all glad to say that the KS1 2016 Santa Dash went really well. (Rachel Y6)


On Thursday 15th of December years 3 to 6 took part in a Santa dash. This meant running around the school and the house colour with the lowest score won for their class. The course proved difficult but everyone managed it. Lots of Santa hats were worn but most importantly everyone enjoyed the race. The final results across the whole school were Blue 4th (27 points), Red 3rd (30 points), Green 2nd (36 points) and YELLOW 1st (37 points). (Freya Y6) 

Term 2A

Year 3 Orienteering 

After a whole term of problem solving and teamwork the year 3 classes took part in an inter house competition of netball numbers. This involved houses working together in pairs to complete as many courses as they could and then had their courses marked to see how many they got right. After a great effort by all pupils the results were as follows:

Joint 1st = Green and Red – 17 points

3rd = Blue – 14 points

4th = Yellow – 13 points

Year 4

Even though the year 4 classes were relatively new to hockey this didn’t stop them making great progress learning new rules and skills. At the end of the term they took part in their inter house competition the results were as follows:

Group 1

1st = Blue – 14 points

2nd = Red – 13 (+6) points

3rd = Green – 13 (+5) points

4th = Yellow – 8 points

Group 2  

1st = Green – 17 points

2nd = Yellow – 11 points

3rd = Red – 10 points

4th = blue – 10 points

Year 5- Hockey

The year 5 classes this term have been focusing on Hockey. All students have learnt a wide range of skills and then were able to transfer these into a game setting. The results of their inter house competition were as follows:


Joint 1st = Red and Yellow

Joint 3rd = Green and Blue


1st = Green – 16 points

2nd = Blue – 13 points

3rd = Red – 10 points

4th = Yellow – 9 points

Year 6 Hockey

Enjoying a well-earned break from their studies the year 6 pupils took part in Hockey during their PE lessons this term. All pupils displayed great teamwork and seemed to thoroughly enjoy their lessons. The results of their inter house competitions were as follows:


1ST = Green – 7 (+5) points

2nd = Red – 7 (+4) points

3rd = Blue – 5 points

4th Yellow – 4 points


1st = Yellow – 8 points

2nd = Green – 6 points

3rd = Blue- 5 (+2) points

4th  = Red – 5 (+0) points

Term 2B

Year 6-Golf

This term Y6 experienced something a little different. Learning a variety of new shots and testing their abilities on a small golf course they made themselves.

Here are the results of the interhouse competition of which an average was calculated due to uneven numbers in houses:


1st Blue - 30.3 shots

2nd Red - 31.9 shots

3rd Yellow - 34.4 shots

4th Green - 34.8 shots

Group 2

1st Green - 14.2

2nd Blue - 16.1

3rd Yellow -18.1

4th Red - 21.8

Well done everyone!

Year 6 Netball 

After missing out on their interhouse netball last term year 6 were promised they would be allowed to compete this term. Lucky enough the weather held off and allowed a great competition in both classes. Here are the results: 


1st Green, 2nd Blue, 3rd, Red, 4th Yellow


1st Blue, 2nd Green, 3rd Yellow, 4th Red

Year 2 Multi Skills 

After a term working on fundamental movement skills the year 2s put what they had learnt into practise in an interhouse relay style multi skills competiton. 

Here are the results:


1st Red, 2nd Yellow, 3rd Blue, 4th Green 


1st Green, 2nd Blue, 3rd Red, 4th Yellow 


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