Environment Day - 22nd Nov 2018

"Many hands make light work" - that is most certainly what happened today at our incredibly successful Environment Afternoon.  We're completely overwhelmed by the volume of families that came together and worked as one big team to accomplish the following jobs:

  • moving pallets to continue the fence by the compost area
  • cutting willow to make a new archway into the woodland area
  • clearing the pond of leaves and twigs
  • planting daffodil bulbs along the pathway to the outdoor classroom
  • chopping wood to make a new dead hedge by the bird feeders
  • maintaining some of the current flower beds and rebuilding them
  • shovelling woodchip and transporting it to the pathways
  • building & maintaining a fire in the outdoor classroom
  • cooking a rather soup-er pumpkin soup!  

In addition, some of the children dabbled with paints, leaves and twigs to make a collection of autumnal pictures! The afternoon was quite simply, perfect!  Families came together, friendships were formed and our garden is looking wonderful.

Thank you so much to everybody who gave up their time today!

Team Bleak Hill

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