Computer Club

Week 1 15/1/18

Our first week has been great fun. We have used the app, puppet pals, to create short animations. We hope to share them with you very soon. 


Week 2 22/1/18

This week we finished our Puppet pals videos which was great fun. We then used the Morfo app. We have brought pictures to life adding voices and making them dance. There has been lots of giggling and fun! 


Week 3 29/1/18

This week we have finished our videos using the Morfo app to bring historical figures to life. We have started using the Do Ink app which allows us to use a green screen to travel to lots of different places. 


Week 4 5/2/18

This week we started using the Kahoot app to play a quiz all together. This was great fun and Mrs Scott did not cheat! 

We then used the Do Ink app to finish our green screen videos. We have travelled to the moon and Hogwarts. We all had great fun and gained lots of new skills. 

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